Voluntary, Targeted COVID-19 Testing for Schools

The Ontario Government is requiring school boards to offer voluntary, targeted COVID-19 testing sites for asymptomatic staff and students. 

Who Can Be Tested?

  • Testing is voluntary, and consent will be required from parents or guardians.  
  • This voluntary testing is offered only for individuals who are asymptomatic (i.e. not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms). 

Voluntary COVID-19 testing is available to:

  • All students and their families
  • All school staff and their household members
  • All Child Care staff and their household members 
  • All Child Care families  

Who Will Administer the Testing? 

The Ministry of Education has arranged for the testing to be provided by a third party, LifeLabs.  All appointments for testing will be booked through LifeLabs. As well, LifeLabs will provide staff and families with the information on how to obtain test results.   

About the Test

LifeLabs uses a swab similar to a Q-tip that is inserted into the front part of the nostril and rotated for fifteen seconds (per nostril). Their trained staff will perform the test in a designated space in the school.

Health & Safety Protocols

LifeLabs will ensure that every mobile collection site adheres to the following health and safety protocols:

  • PPE for Droplet Precautions will be worn by all staff working in the location
  • Enhanced hand hygiene will be followed by the staff conducting the testing
  • Hand hygiene for students and staff will be required before and after service is provided
  • Disinfecting of the cubicles and chairs will be undertaken before and after each individual tested
  • Surgical masks will be provided, if necessary

When and Where Will the Testing Take Place?

During this round of testing, we will expand the testing to allow all HCDSB staff and families to attend any of the testing site locations (i.e. you will not have to attend the site designated for your family of schools). 

More Information

More information about the LifeLabs EDU Targeted Testing program is available at: https://www.lifelabs.com/covid-19-updates/covid19-pcr-testing-for-schools/

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Parents and Guardians, visit: https://lifelabs.azureedge.net/lifelabs-wp-cdn/2021/02/LifeLabs-Testing-in-Schools-FAQ-for-Parents-Registration.pdf

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