Support for Vision


My Story Book Maker

Book creating app using photos, typed content, voice recordings and drawings

Audible Books

Stream a collection of stories on any device

Raz Kids

Online guided reading with interactive ebooks and reading quizzes


Featuring a comprehensive curriculum of language arts concepts


Khan Academy

Video tutorials and interactive exercises

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing

Extend understanding of Advanced Functions and Pre Calculus


A comprehensive curriculum of Math concepts

Perkins School for the Blind

Math games and activities. Broken down into age appropriate groups

Cortical Visual Impairment

Little Bear Sees

Provide families with information, products and resources

Paths to Literacy

Strategy posts on CVI techniques for learning

Texas School for the Blind

Videos showing how to understand and present materials for all phases of CVI

Expanded Core Curriculum

Paths to Literacy

Daily lessons for students with visual impairments

Perkins School for the Blind

Eight cooking tips for staying organized in the kitchen

Teaching Students with Visual Impairments

Dressing and clothing management skills

Visions of Children Foundation

Smartphone Apps to assist visually impaired

De Franco, RobSupport for Vision