Support for Hearing

Explaining COVID

Little Puddins

Grades K-3

Simple downloadable book with visuals explaining the Coronavirus

Auditory Skills Development

Listening Room

Grades K-6

Host of free, fun activities and resources to support the development of speech, language, and listening skills in people of all ages with a hearing loss.

Phonological Awareness Lab (app)

Grades 1-3

Develop skills in identifying the number of words in a sentence, decoding, rhyming and counting syllables

Hear Coach (app)

Grades 2-6

Develop auditory skills through activities that can help sharpen listening and hearing skills while improving speech understanding in noise

Hear Builder

Grades K-3

  • Following direction
  • Auditory memory
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Sequencing
  • FREE 30 day Trial



Grades K-6

Variety of picture books where the student can follow along with the text

Username: hcdsb
Password: books


Grades K-4

Listen to stories within various categories while following along.

Puzzles and activities to accompany the story

Username: haltcath
Password: halt2369

Hearing our Way

Grades 4-8

Magazine for kids and teens with hearing loss designed to engage, connect, and inspire young people through relatable content, role models, and strategies focused on listening, language, and self-advocacy skills



Grades K-12

Comprehensive learning of various math concepts

TVO mPower

Grades K-6

FREE membership

Activate the CC on videos

Example of the website: TVO mPower Kindergarten to Grade 2 Game Showcase



Grades K-3

Listening to stories and information while reading along

Username: hcdsb
Password: catholic

PebbleGo Next

Grades 4-8

Listening to information while reading along to assist with language development

Username: hcdsb
Password: catholic



Grades K-9

Daily lessons that combine videos, stories and prompts for drawing and writing activities.

Activate CC on videos

Theory of Mind

The Social Bunch (app)

Grades K-4

Allows children to identify who is thinking specific things from pictures

Hearing Awareness/Self-Advocacy

Rule the School

Grades 2-8

Board game that promotes self-advocacy skills regarding hearing management

Hearing Like Me

Grades 4-12

Resources, information, blogs, videos and so much more for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing

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