Alternative Learning

Communication Literacy

The A4Ideas Place

Functional literacy skills in reading, writing, oral and non-verbal Communication

The Hanen Centre

Build language, social and literacy skills in children


Non-verbal communication cards


Educational games

Reading Rockets

A website entirely devoted to all aspects of literacy development

Communication Numeracy

The A4Ideas Place

Functional numeracy skills in numbers, counting, computation and money

Pinterest – Functional Math Activities

Wide assortment of functional numeracy activities


Functional math games, activities and strategies

Math Aids

Teaches practical money skills using Canadian currency

Social Skills

The A4Ideas Place

Conversations, relationships, self-regulation, etiquette, cooperation

Active for Life

Raising physically literate children


Behavioural Interventions and Solutions

Arkstone Inc. Autism Resources

5-point scale and other resources related to emotional regulation

Mind Heart

Social story on Covid-19, in multiple languages


Covid-19 Interactive Book

Daily Living and Employability Skills

The A4Ideas Place

Toileting, Personal Hygiene, Self-Care

The A4Ideas Place

Augmentative Alternative Communication Intervention

The A4Ideas Place

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development

Go Noodle

Daily Physical Activity

S&S Blog – Play. Learn. Share

Physical Education

Jack Hartmann

Physical activity combined with music, literacy and numeracy

The A4Ideas Place

Cooking, Baking, Home and Safety Maintenance

The Accessible Chef

A collection of free visual recipes and other resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with disabilities.

The A4Ideas Place

Community Skills Overview: Transportation, Community Living, Shopping, Banking

The A4Ideas Place

Telling Time, Time Management, Work Habits, Employability

Time and Date

Assorted timers, calculators and calendars

Virtual Musical Instruments

Learn how to play music using your keyboard or mouse

Cosmic Yoga

Yoga for kids

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

Learn to draw

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