Promoting Catholic Identity in Remote Spaces

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In our return to school, we will continue to ensure that our learners experience a Catholic learning environment rooted in Gospel Values and the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (OCSGEs). 

We will continue to use a variety of resources and tools to maintain the strong connection between our home and parishes by:

  • Providing opportunities for school-wide Eucharistic celebrations and other prayer services, involving students in the planning.​
  • Creating explicit service activities that can be completed in a virtual community. ​
  • Creating a plan for both Pastor and Principal to be present and visible.​
  • Providing opportunities for faith formation for all staff in a virtual or gathering setting.  ​
  • Inviting parents and families to join in virtual prayer and faith-life activities. 

Some of the ways our schools will promote our Catholic identity in remote spaces include: 

  • Maintaining regular liturgical events either live or virtual format including streaming school wide liturgies throughout the school synchronously.
  • Inviting parents to share prayer and/or liturgies in their first language to celebrate Catholics from all corners of the world at HCDSB. 
  • Creating opportunities online for parents to hear guest speakers, info sessions, Faith Formation Sessions, pray together, etc.  
  • Providing prayers and activities to be done at home. 

Resources for Students, Staff & Families

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