Math Games

Free math games and skill practice online by grades and skill.  For extra practice there are custom worksheets available.

Cool Math Games

This website aims to make learning math fun through a variety of numeracy games.


Mathies provides a variety of math games and learning tools for students across all grades.  Also included are activities to support further practice and skill building.

TVO Mathify

TVO Mathify connects students in grade 7-10 with online math tutoring – it’s free and accessible to all Ontario students enrolled. Tutors work one-on-one with a learner in grades 6-10.

TVO Kids (pre-school)

This website is designed for younger students to learn how numbers work.   Song and play support student engagement.

TVO mPower

TVO mPower is a creative online game that teaches fundamental K-6 math skills.  This website builds foundational math skills and inspires a love of math. 

Math Storytime

This app allows students in grade k- 2 to explore simple math concepts through creative storytelling and stunning illustrations.  Other features available are a “Read to me” function as well as an option for parents and caregivers to record their own story-reading voices.

Dreambox Learning

DreamBox Learning is an online math program for children in grade k-8. The activities are designed to help children develop a deeper understanding of math concepts, math fluency, and problem-solving. Sign up by April 30 for free 90 day trial.

University of Waterloo Centre for Education in Mathematics

University of Waterloo.  Centre for Education in Mathematics. A rich resource that provides a multitude of choice including problem of the week, interactive activities, and enrichment challenges.

Math Frog

Math Frog is designed for junior students and includes math games with follow up activities.  Supportive features include audio feedback and visual modeling. Presented by the University of Waterloo.

Math Learning Centre

This website has free apps for students to explore various math manipulatives and visuals such as geoboards, ten frames, 2D shapes and more!


NRICH website includes mathematical resources and problems that help to build upon a child’s reasoning and critical thinking skills.

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